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buy concertina

Sometimes, new is not always better. Many of the finest concertinas available are second-hand or even antique. This site and Irish traditional music generally are based on the Anglo concertina. Although there are many options, an anglo is the best system to learn Irish music. A 30-key concertina is a good choice. You will have more flexibility than a 20-key concertina, and you can play all the pieces on this site with a 30-key.

Where to buy your next Concertina

Many concertina manufacturers have a website that allows you to place orders, view information, and ask questions. Instruments are made to order. However, some makers may still have a few concertinas for sale. Asking is a good idea! You can also find new concertinas on a variety of websites. Before you make a purchase, it is important to research brands and manufacturers. There are many sellers who have intimate knowledge about concertinas and can assist you. First, let me tell you something about concertinas that are available for purchase on the internet.

The disadvantages of cheaper concertina

It’s obvious that concertinas can be expensive. A quality one will cost you at least $1500. It is more common to pay $2,000+. Many people are searching for deals. Many concertinas are available for sale on Amazon, eBay, or similar websites. It is important to remember that concertinas are almost always what you pay for.

Concertinas don’t come at a arbitrary price. These instruments are complex music-making machines with many small moving parts. To make a sound, a complex set of levers must be synchronized with the bellows movement. There’s plenty to fail.

Cheaper Concertinas have one or more problems.

  1. You wont get the classic concertina sound out of these reeds
  2. Leaky bellows are made of paper or other fragile materials and are easy to tear or puncture.
  3. Stiff bellows: Another problem related to bellows. The stiffer they become, the more difficult it is for them to play.
  4. You’ll have fewer buttons, which is not a problem, but it will limit what you can do.
  5. Brokenness prone – Every concertina is going to need some maintenance, but a cheap one will usually be worse after a while.
    Directly from the Makers

There are many concertina artists out there and each one has its fans. There are many concertina makers out there, and some have retired or gone to the big sessions in the sky. This is a partial list and does not endorse any brand. These are only some of the most popular concertina manufacturers that have easy-to access websites so that you can view their models for purchase.

Visit the forums for Used Concertina

Where To Find Antique Concertinas For Sale

Many antique concertinas were well-maintained and taken care of by their owners throughout their entire lives. They work well and are similar to used concertinas. If in doubt, you should ask as many questions and as many questions as possible before you pay any money. Even after more than 100 years, a concertina made well can still sound great. You might even find it plays better than when you bought it new.

  • eBay
  • Barleycorn Concertinas
  • McNeela Music

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